Projection mapping on scaffold(5140 X 5560), Platoon Kunsthalle

                             "Handmade", Sabina Ahn, 2013
이 영상은 'MEDIA FUTURE SHOCK' 라는 미디어 아트 그룹 전시회에서 BT아시바 위에 프로젝션 맵핑되었다.  그래픽으로만 제작되는 영상의 프로젝셔 맵핑이 아닌, 스톱모션 애니매이션 영상을 프로젝션 맵핑 하면서, 실제 물리적인 설치물과 컴퓨터속의 영상이 어떻게 매치되고 사람들의 인식은 어떻게 달라지는 관찰하였다. 

This projection works on the scaffold (5140 X 5560) for an exhibition, “Media Future Shock”, was an experiment on how a perception of a person can change by a certain juxtaposition of a stop-motion animation, which genre, I think, was unusual, as a graphic design for a projection-mapping is common in general. It presents the endlessness of time and the unceasing cycle of nature. The showing materials sprout from the grounds, mixes with autumn leaves, covered in handmade textiles and finally go back into nature at the end. To express an instant moment as eternal one, I divide time by taking thousands of photographs and re-connected them into a story. The showing textile was sewn and unwound.

Platoon Kunsthalle, Sabina Ahn, 2013

Platoon Kunsthalle, Sabina Ahn, 2013

'MEDIA FUTURE SHOCK!' is an event designed by Sunghyun Cho, a resident artist of PLATOON artist labs. it demolishes boundaries between different genres of art, and experiments with sound and visual suggesting figures of the future. MEDIA FUTURE SHOCK! is not a common collaboration between different fields of art. It does not limit itself in one field of art, but combines architecture, media art, and sound, and creates new and various form of art as well. Artists from various fields are involved in this event. architect, media artist, sound artis, experimental film director, musician, DJ, and VJ. they are all gathered at MEDIA FUTURE SHOCK! to expand their field of art through communication between them. from their work, your imagination of the FUTURE of the MEDIA will become true in front of your eyes with a SHOCK.

Platoon Kunsthalle, 2013

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