[Stopmotion] Jarasum International Jazz Festival the 10th Anniversary

Director & Editor: Sabina Hyoju Ahn
DOP: Yoonho Kim
Props: Uik-store, A la main
Sound: Soojin Jang
JIJF: http://www.jarasumjazz.com/the10th/home/

I produced a Stopmotion Animation for the 10th anniversary of Jarasum International Jazz Festival 2013. This trailer shows a procedure of making a very special cake which ingredients articulate the artists' line-up and the staged music, the festival goers and funs of the place. Also, the procedure itself metaphorically means the growth of the festival in a decade. I tried to describe the delightful atmosphere of participants who are enjoying music, BBQ and drinks on the spot. The festival has been beloved by thousands of people from various regions, as gaining the international recognition. It has been taking place on the same place, Jara Island, South Korea. The trailer has earned more than seventy five thousand views in YouTube so far.

Still cut

자라섬 재즈 페스티벌 10주년 기념 트레일러 영상. 스톱모션으로 맛있고 신나는 케이크와 쿠키를 만들었다. 자라섬재즈페스티벌 유트브 채널에서 7천이 넘는 조회수를 기록하였다.