[Performance] Audiovisual performance

Sabina Ahn, 2014
Sabina Ahn, 2014

This is an audiovisual performance collaborated with singer songwriter Rania Shin. I used water, moon and stars images and these are variously transformed with RGB trails and glitch analog style of artwork. Visual operating is my "on-the-spot" performance. My visual works are interacted with sound, especially intertwining with the beat and tempo of the live music.  “Midnight Party” is a quick tempo piano song. "Waters" and “Lying on Grass” are electric based ambient sound. This performance was held in Mcube, Seoul which is famous for concerts and party purpose.

                                                     Mcube(Seoul), 2014

Music composed by Rania Shin, visual made by Sabina Ahn.
This is a work of audiovisual project by Sabina Ahn and Rania Shin.