Sabina Hyoju Ahn is a sound, visual and coding artist. She has broadened her artistic spectrum in New York, Seoul, London and The Hague. Sabina is a graduate of MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University in London, and she currently lives in the Hague, Netherlands in continuing her research in ArtScience at Royal Conservatoire. Her recent research involves in finding hidden rules and patterns in natural elements and translating it into different shapes of perceptual experiences. 

안효주. Sabina Hyoju Ahn.
유기적인 데이터를 소리나 빛 또는 다른 감각 기관으로 바꾸는 작업에 초점을 두고 있다. 자연에 존재하지만 눈으로는 보이지 않는 숨겨진 패턴이나, 규칙등을 찾는 것에 흥미가 많고 죽음과 생명, 에너지의 순환과 다양한 변환에 대해 관심이 많다. 영국의 골드스미스 대학에서 컴퓨테이셔널 아트와 네덜란드 왕립음악원 및 왕립예술아카데미에서 아트사이언스를 전공하였다. 

25.11. 2017 Energy Harvesting Workshop, Seoul, KR
16-17.12. 2017 Wesa Festival, Seoul, KR


2017 ACT Festival, (Asia Culture Center). Gwangju, KR
2017 KABK Graduation Festival. Den Haag, NL
2017 Athens Digital Art Festival. Athens, GR
2017 Which way is look forwardDen Haag, NL
2017 Retreat, Reflect, Repeat (Laurenskerk / Showroom MAMA). Rotterdam, NL
2017 off4noff (Memphis). Linz, AT
2017 Sonomatter, Seoul Art Space Mullae. Seoul, KR (Solo)
       - Funded by Seoul Metropolitan Government,
         Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture,Mullae Arts Plus 2016
2016 Stilstand.gif, Kunstenlab. Deventer, NL
2015 Piksel Festival. Bergen, NO
2015 Except/on, Goldsmith University. London, UK
2014 Retrogression. ChungJungGak, Seoul, KR (Solo)
2013 Media Future Shock. Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul, KR


2017 Dotolimpic. Seoul, KR
2017 Watmm(Mudaeryuk). Seoul, KR
2017 Regulations (Alley Sound). Seoul, KR
2017 ArtyParty, (Melkweg). Amsterdam, NL
2017 Helicopter. Den Haag, NL
2017 NIME (New Interface for Musical Expression).Copenhagen, DK 
         - Awarded Best Sound Performance
2017 Biotalk <Aquatic Harvesting> Mediamatic. Amsterdam, NL
2017 Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel (Spektrum). Berlin, DE
2017 Sonomatter, Seoul Art Space Mullae (MAP2016). Seoul, KR
       - Funded by Seoul Metropolitan Government,
         Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Mullae Arts Plus 2016

2016 Dotolim#96. Seoul, KR
2016 Mortise&Tenon (Studio Loos). Den Haag, NL 
2016 CASS concert (Royal Conservatory of The Hague). Den Haag, NL
2016 Lab30. Augsburg, DE
2016 EPHÉMÈRE (Studio Loos). Den Haag, NL
2016 Stilstand.gif (Kunstenlab). Deventer, NL
2016 Summer Breeze (Dasoyou). Seoul, KR
2016 AMRO (Art Meets Radical Openness). Linz, AT
2016 Klank 2 (De Fabriek). Eindhoven, NL
2016 MATA festival (Dixon Place, Trans Pecos). NYC, USA
2016 Transmediale (with Recplay). Berlin, DE
2015 Anti-Natural (Apiary studio). London, UK

2017 ACC_R creators in Lab (Asia Culture Center), Gwangju, KR

2017 Asia Culture Centre. Gwangju, KR
2017 Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Mullae Art Plus. Seoul, KR
2017 NIME(New Interface for Musical Expression) Best Sound Performance. Copenhagen, DK
2017 Cern Accelerate Korea Award Finalist. Geneva, CH
2016 Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Mullae Art Plus. Seoul, KR
2015 Entrance Exam Scholarship(Royal Conservatoire of the Hague). Den Haag, NL